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About Mama Made

When my summer garden started overflowing with lemon balm, I was inspired to try my hand at soap-making. My first batch of lemon balm soap didn't quite turn out as I had hoped, but this "botched batch" got me curious: what other types of soap can I create? As I began experimenting with different oils, scents, colorants, herbs, spices and more, I discovered a new favorite hobby.

My hobby quickly turned into a passion for creating all-natural soaps. As a mama myself, I understand the desire to only want the best for your family. By creating Mama Made Handcrafted Soaps, I can share this passion with my family, friends and now you!


Store-bought soaps often contain artificial (and sometimes toxic!) ingredients, such as pigment powders, fragrance oils and synthetic additives, which can irritate, dry out and even damage your skin, eyes and hair. Making my own soaps from scratch, I know exactly what ingredients are going into every bar. I use gentle, all-natural and wholesome ingredients that are easy to recognize, ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, locally grown herbs, natural colorants (clay powders, fruit and veggie purees, and spices, to name a few) and essential oils. These ingredients can help maintain your skin's natural moisture, treat skin rashes, soothe inflamed or acne-prone skin and provide much needed antioxidants and vitamins. I am able to make smart and safe decisions on what is healthy for your skin and for the skin of those you love. 

Meet "Mama"

Hey, my name is Jackie. Thank you for visiting my site! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a wife, stay-at-home mother to two amazing kids, graphic designer and small business owner. I am a "creative" by nature, constantly having my hands in some sort of project. I began my design career 10 years ago, working in places like health centers, real estate firms and even DisneyWorld. When I became a mother, I knew that staying home and raising my kids was the work I wanted to focus on most. When I have free time, I enjoy gardening, baking, reading, swimming and, of course, soap-making.

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